Buying a Home: Will the Appliances Included in the Sale Put My Family and Home At Risk?

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Appliances recalled due to safety or product defects are found in one in every ten homes. If a manufacturer designs a dangerous product, they must recall that item and fix it free of charge.

How Do I find Out If an Appliance Has Been Recalled?

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission provides a website to make recall information accessible to consumers for free to search and find out whether a specific product has been recalled.To search by the products in your home, follow the below steps.

  1. Visit USCPSC's website at
  2. Click on the Search Option at the bottom of the screen
  3. Input Your Product Model Number of the Appliance in Your Home
  4. Click Apply
  5. Repeat for all appliances in your home.

For help on using their search features, visit

What Information Is Provided for Recalled Appliances?

The information USCPSC will provide on a recalled product include:

  • Recall Date
  • Description of the product and model numbers included in the recall
  • Recall Number
  • Consumer contact information
  • Any injuries reported to date
  • Hazards
  • Remedies
  • List of retailers

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