Why You Need a New (Post Construction) Home Inspection

New Doesn't Mean Perfect

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When buying a new home, don't overlook the value of having an independent inspection performed to validate the condition and performance of a home prior to taking ownership. Anchor Inspection Group's specially trained new home inspectors will evaluate the property top to bottom and prepare a detailed list of needed repairs for your builder.

What is a New Construction Home Inspection

A new construction home inspection is an unbiased evaluation of a home’s structure, systems, appliances and other important features to help ensure you get a safe and hazard-free new home and ensure all systems are functioning, prior to taking ownership.

Hiring a professional licensed home inspector for your new home inspection will pay for itself. Problems are identified and corrected early with our detailed report of issues for your builder to fix before you close and move-in to your new home..

Why You Need a New Construction Home Inspection

New construction homes have all sorts of problems.

Building a home is a very involved process with many different subcontractors working on different projects within different phases of construction, usually without regard to other contractors projects. With all the separate activities occurring at the same time, it is very difficult for the builder to carefully check all phases of construction. Even the best builders will likely miss something.

Examples of problems we’ve found in newly built homes:

  1. Broken roof trusses.
  2. No roof vent.
  3. Missing siding.
  4. Improperly sized nails on deck, roof, joists.
  5. Insufficient insulation in the attic.
  6. Missing roof gutters and downspouts.
  7. Improperly installed roof shingles allowing water to penetrate under the shingles.
  8. Deck guards missing.
  9. Tiled shower leaks.
  10. Leaking shutoff valve for sinks.
  11. Disconnected ducts (a/c, heating and bathroom fans) in attic.
  12. Improperly installed dishwasher drains.
  13. Disconnected water heater vents.
  14. Plumbing vents caps not removed.
  15. Outside frost-free faucets installed incorrectly.
  16. No access panels for bath tub drains.
  17. No method to disconnect the gas piping after the shutoff valve for gas appliances.
  18. HVAC condensors installed to improperly.
  19. Exhaust and intake furnace pipes switched.
  20. Anti-tip brackets for a range only attached to drywall.
  21. Kitchen fans run, but dampers at the exterior don't open.

City building inspections are not the same as home inspections.

The job of building inspectors is to check for compliance with applicable building codes. Building codes are minimum standards. While building inspectors do their best, these inspections are not enough for the new homeowner.

Problems found before you buy can be fixed before moving in to your new home.

There will minor touch-ups that will take place after you move in, but you don't want the horror of the builder making significant repairs after you move in.

Defects can be repaired before they result in serious consequences or costly damage.

To protect you and your family, safety items should be addressed. We have found wires left cut or unsecured which can spark and cause a fire. (Electrical issues cause 51,000 fires annually.) Disconnected ducts (a/c, heating) resulting in higher utility bills. You want these defects found and repaired before you close and move-in to your new home.

It matters when you decide to sell your home.

Deficiencies that date back to the original construction will be discovered even if you never knew they existed. If your 1 Year Builder's Warranty is expired, it's too late to get the builder involved. You now own those problems.

When Should a New Home Inspection Be Completed

This inspection is performed after the building process is complete (but at least 1-3 days before your walk-thru inspection with the builder) so you can address any issues with the builder before closing. After you have closed and moved into your home, the 1 Year Warranty Home Inspection should be performed to determine if any repairs by the builder are needed before your new home warranty expires. The 1 Year Warranty Home Inspection is typically done 10 to 11 months after you closed on your home and marks the final opportunity for you to identify, document and inform your builder of any items that need repair or adjustment.

What You Get

Thorough and Precise Home Inspection

Includes observations made during a visual evaluation of a property and its systems. Detailed comments alongside color photographs will identify component condition/function and illustrate any safety concerns, deficiencies, installation mistakes, improper designs or workmanship issues. The report will also include maintenance recommendations and explanations of important component locations and functions (exhausts, shut-offs, resets, etc). For easy reference, information for all appliances (including model and serial number) is included in the report.

For more information on our home inspection services, please visit our home inspection services.

Highly Organized Report

An easy-to-read overview summarizing the key points for every major system of your home (roofing, exterior, structure, plumbing, etc.) with richly-illustrated text as well as photos of your home for clarity and reference.

On-site Report Delivery

Years of report writing experience and technical savvy allow us to deliver this abundance of information via email within hours of completing the inspection, including an optional printed summary delivered on-site! Click here to view an online report summary.

Report Cover

Your Inspection Report Includes

  • A concise, accurate summary printed on-site and delivered at the property with a verbal explanation of each key point.
  • A separate section for every major system of your home (roofing, exterior, structure, plumbing, etc.)
  • Identification of components condition/function
  • Illustration of safety concerns, deficiencies, installation mistakes, improper designs or workmanship issues
  • A description of items that are near the end of their life
  • Color photographs with detailed comments

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