Here are a few of the most common questions we get asked.

Does my inspection include a termite inspection?

Our home inspection includes any observations related to pests. Any active nests, ongoing activity, evidence of past treatments or conditions conducive to attracting pests will be noted. This includes any observations regarding wood destroying insects. If you need a WDI report, please let us know. A WDI will add to the inspection fee and must be scheduled prior to the inspection.

What is a WDI report?

A WDI (wood destroying insect) report is a form that is required by some lenders (i.e.: FHA and VA and relocation companies. In most typical transactions, this expenditure is not required. Ask your lender or your agent if you need this form.

When will the inspection report be ready?

The inspection report is completed on site and delivered via email immediately.

Is a printed report provided?

A printed summary can be delivered on-site, upon request.

Can I follow my inspector during the inspection?

After the inspection is complete, the inspector will walk you through his findings and answer any questions you have about the home, the inspection or the report. There are several compelling reasons to allow your inspector to perform the inspection uninterrupted prior to your walk through:

  • Safety - During the inspection, your inspector will remove panel covers that protect occupants from dangerous wiring, flames and sharp edges. In some cases, the inspector must leave these exposed hazards unattended.
  • Cost - To maximize the value of our inspections, our time at the property must be efficient. The amount of information gathered during our thorough investigation of every inch of the property is so massive that your inspector must remain focused and cannot answer questions or explain observations during the inspection process.
  • Quality - A home inspection is all about observation. Our inspectors are trained extensively in an inspection process that maximizes their ability to identify deficiencies in an efficient manner. This process includes both direct and indirect observations and for best results, the inspector needs to have as little outside interference as possible. The inspector should be the only one opening doors, running faucets or flipping switches. Every distraction or unnecessary noise may result in a missed observation.

Can my inspector provide cost estimates for needed repairs?

Unfortunately, repair costs are dependent on a myriad of elements and tend to vary dramatically from vendor to vendor. These costs cannot be estimated/generalized with any reasonable accuracy.

Do I need to arrange access with the seller for the inspection?

We will contact you if we need assistance in arranging access to the property. If the property is FSBO, please provide seller contact information as soon as possible.

Can I pay for the inspection at closing?

Unfortunately, inspectors in Texas are prohibited from accepting payment at closing. This is for the protection of the buyer.

What happens after the inspection?

After reviewing the inspection report and contacting your inspector with any questions regarding the report, we recommend that you discuss the inspection with your agent. He/she will assist you arranging for additional evaluations, if needed. Together, you will create a list of repair/credit requests (if needed) for submission of an amendment to your contract (before the end of your option period). The seller will review this submission and respond.

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